Hi Everyone, check out the above link regarding NACHI and GOOGLE Rankings…Is this true? Or just hype and propaganda???

Read the link for yourself…

And ashi gets no ranking
And NACHI is better by about 4 years worth .
Looks to me like ASHI is fading away.

I am glad ASHI has some members who are trying to hold the oganasation together… Cookie

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Traffic Rank for : No Data

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National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI)

A national association of professional home inspectors.

Traffic Rank for** 823276,8370127**

To quote Mark Twain, "The rumors of my death have
been greatly exaggerated"

To quote Mike O’Handjob…“Please…won’t somebody please pay attention to me?”

I was told years ago as long as they are talking about us they are advertising us .
I was told it was Charlie Goodyear who said this .
I guess in his case it worked very well as many people still drive around on Goodyear Tires.
Seem’s to be doing OK with NACHI too. Lots love to advertise the NACHI name.

Guess which line is the NACHI site :wink:



graph (Small).png

Gerry writes:

Exactly. :smiley:

The only problem with Alexa is it has Yahoo and MSN ahead of Google which can’t be accurate.
Perhaps NACHI is ranked even higher.

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Even though is ranked first of all inspection sites by far (I think HomeGauge might be #2, I’m not sure, you can compare at… it still under ranks us because is merely one of our sites. We have some 4,500 others. If you could add up the traffic of all of them we’d be ranked somewhere in the top 4 or 5 hundred sites in the world.

By comparison is ranked 711,650 today, ASHI ranked 267,044, NAHI ranked 736,876.

Rank # is the # of sites ahead of it in traffic ranking.

For instance: is ranked #1, msn is ranked #2, google is ranked #3.

Compare your site to others at

That can’t be right. There is no way Yahoo is doing better than Google. Yahoo has been struggling in every way since Google came into the market.

I heard he is threatening a hunger strike. :mrgreen:

Wendy, Google gets less traffic because it is not very sticky. Most visitors only visit the homepage of Google, and then move on (staying less than a few seconds). Unlike yahoo and msn which have lots more to do than search.

BTW, NACHI is one of the stickiest sites on the internet:

33.9% of all users stay at least 5 minutes.
11.3% stay 5-15 minutes.
7.8% stay 15-30 minutes.
8.3% stay 30-60 minutes.
6.4% stay over 60 minutes.

I’m part of that 6.4%. Once I get here, I can’t seem to get away for quite awhile. Even with ignoring all the persistent bickering, there’s still lots and lots to learn from and share.

I get more calls & traffic from people using Yahoo then I do from Google. For a matter of fact I have never received a single call from anyone using Google.

I don’t even use Google! If I need to do a search I use Yahoo. I get better search results with Yahoo. Google returns junk… too much stuff that has nothing to do with the subject I am looking for.

It may be a regional thing, come to think of it I think when I did try Google I received mostly west coast links even when I added Michigan to my searches.

Hmmm…interesting. That’s what happens when I use Yahoo or MSN, which is what prompted my post. I’m most successful when I use Google.

Yes, for a matter of fact, I just booked an inspection for Saturday for a Ph.D., Assistant Professor at U of M. I asked him how he found me and he said he did a search on Yahoo!

It must be a regional thing.

Competition is good so I use both but have found Google is beginning to recognize what you are thinking by antisipating what you are looking for.