InspectVue Software Discount - $845

Hi Everyone,
As you may already know, I am an authorized dealer for Porter Valley Software…and I am selling InspectVue at a price of $845, this also includes the sales tax if you are buying from California. I have had to raise my prices from $795 to $845, however you are still saving $150 to $50 (depending on if you are a NACHI member/rebate elgible) if you purchase from directly from me.

Everything is directly shipped from Porter Valley Software, and you receive 1 year of free upgrades and tech support from them as well…

If interested, please email me directly at:
Or call me directly at: (949) 331-2602

Please note: and this is not fine print…If you purchase from me, you are not elgible for the $100 NACHI rebate, if you are a NACHI member.

Justin Watts
American Dream Home Inspection


Okay Justin, if you’re not going to bring it up, I’ll help you, and maybe someone who is thinking about purchasing InspectVue out.

Lorne has announced that Version 5, the long awaited upgrade will be released on June 20, he also announced that the price will increase, for the Version 5 Advanced the price will be $1295 and for the standard $1095.

From Lorne:

Justin’s price looks pretty good

Any prices on mold inspection software? I got 3 calls for mold inspections today and could use some software for mold.

Hey Lewis,
Yes you are right. …My price is the best deal you can get! And yes, the new version of InspectVue is going to be released next month… My price will be going up as well in order to pay the cost difference for the InspectVue product… As I purchase the product from Porter Valley for my buyers.

Buy now! While you can still save…

Linas, I don’t know about PV’s plans but here’s a link to ESA’s Mold Software