Last Call for INSPECTVUE SOFTWARE DISCOUNT $845.00 includes Tax......

Hi Guys,
This will be my last call for offering the Porter Valley Software, Inspectvue Discount… Since I am an authorized dealer, you can purchase INSPECTVUE from me for $845.00 out the door…

Prices will be raising soon! So this is the last call for a DISCOUNT…
So save some bucks while you still can!

This offer may expire anytime since I have to abide by Porter Valley’s authorized dealer agreement…

Email me at:
Or call me at: (949) 331-2602 if you are interested…

Thank you!
Justin Watts
American Dream Home Inspection

Visit my website, if you would like to see a SAMPLE REPORT, just click on “sample report” on my home page…

Does this mean that the new version is going to be released soon?

Yes! Porter Valley was setback… due to the new Microsoft VISTA windows program… the new version is going be released soon.

I bought an HP Desktop Dual Core 2 processor with 2048 MB memory… and my the Reports with about 5 photos format in under 2 minutes…

I presently have Vista on my computer, and the INSPECTVUE CLASSIC version program is excellent…

As soon as the new version comes out, the price is increasing…

Any questions, just let me know.

For any skeptics out there… I am a skeptic myself when it comes to shopping… Please see this “testimony” from a fellow inspector that did business with me and purchased InspectVue, he also comments about the product.

> > Justin,
> > I purchased the software in late June of this year from you. All I can is,
> Thank you! The software has made the inspection with the PDA faster, the report
> generation faster, and I like the summary page and full report. I just went to
> a marketing class yesterday and the instructor said do not have narratives only
> use the check box reports like Home Gauge and 3D. Hah, I say. With the
> wonderful summary page and the full report to highlight what was written up,
> InspectVue puts those two programs to shame. Although they are both nice
> programs, just not for me. In addition, it was surprising how many inspectors
> continue to use the NCR reports. Out of the 31 in class about 15 percent still
> used them. Which I think is great as a marketing tool for me.
> >
> > Thanks so much for the discount and Lorne has been fantastic with some issues
> I had. The issues were adding my logo, problems with the PDA installation and
> that is it.
> >
> > Again, thanks for the discount and service. Brilliant!
> >
> > –
> > Denny McAuley
> > Priority One Home Inspections, LLC
> > Email:
> >
& gt; > Your Inspection is Priority One!
> > 815-715-6237

For the record…HomeGauge can print in checkbox form OR narrative.