Inspectvue Discount!! $795.00 plus tax - Save $200!!

My name is Justin Watts, I am an authorized Dealer for Porter Valley Software… I am sure some of you have seen some of my other message posts. I presently use Inspectvue and it was the best investment for my business I ever made…

If you want this Software and the Discount, or have questions feel free to call me at (949) 331-2602 or email directly at:


Justin Watts
American Dream Home Inspection

I am presently extending this deal to all INSPECTORS…

Justin, does this include the commercial version of InspectVUE?

Hi Steven,
This price would not include InspectVue Commercial, since as we both know its costs a few hundred more… Are you interested in purchasing the Commericial Version? If you are, let me know… I will talk to Porter Valley, and find out my cost.

Let me know…

Not yet, honestly. I am just inquiring at this point.

I really hate to say this, but as an owner of Inspectavue Residential and Commercial I am quite disappointed with Porter Valley Software. They have been promising the Great Version 5 Residential version for MONTHS. I really believe that they are waiting until most everyones $250.00 yearly update/support is spent so that no one can get the new latest version for FREE! If this is Not correct, then let’s have the new version now. Also, I am finding that the wait time for the software to print or preview is unacceptable. With HomeGauge, there is no wait time for any of the software to load reload or preview and print. Even the upload of reports with HomeGauge is faster. I am REALLY disappointed with the over $2000.00 I spent for Porter Valley Software and I question their motives. Sorry, but this is the way I feel:neutral:


Good things come to those who wait… there is no pricing conspiracy. Porter Valley is working out the final touches and bugs in the program, as always they are trying to make sure the program is “functional” before releasing it…

As stated in the old Kung-fu series…

“Patience young Grasshopper”…

All of us are anxious for the new release, and it will come… And I am sure it will “Exceed” our expectations…

Just my thoughts!



All of us are anxious for the new release, and it will come… And I am sure it will “Exceed” our expectations…

Just my thoughts!


With all the hype and the long delay… expectation is very high. Frustration is even higher.

Just my thoughts!

I agree with you on the wait time for even previewing your report, it’s easy to waste a day or so just getting the report format to appear the way you want it to, make a change, hit review, go get a cup of coffee, watch TV, view your results, make a change, and repeat,

If you do two inspections in a day you can end up wasting an hour just waiting to view and upload your reports, I was gong to swith to Homegauge myself, but Nick kept posting the the New Version will be released “this week”, so I renewed for $250, I don’t believe it’s any kind of plot by Lorne or Keith though, other than maybe a Marketing thing to keep users from switching to another software by announcing the New Version LONG before it was ready, if they can’t get the new version out maybe they should hire more help to fix the problems.

Overall I like InspectVue, there are some problems with moving around in the program, the Photo posting could be much better, the really big thing is the time it takes to review and modify your reports, along with the Hour or so it takes to download a library to your Pocket PC, and I am using an Extrene III CF Card, which is more than an hour faster than the Ultra.

Actually the busier I get the less I like the software, I may end up going to HG any way, too much lost time with this version.

Can someone please tell me if they think that the PORTER VALLEY SOFTWARE is a good software to start out with, i’m just starting out in the business and i’m looking for something not to over whelming to start with… ANY SUGGESTIONS? :slight_smile:

What resolution are your pictures set at Lew? Lower res faster response. I can easily perform 2 inspections a day, report, review with client, and print, and deposit checks.

The pocket PC is a waste of time for inspections, you will be much faster just using your laptop and a note pad or recorder.

I do wish the update promised last year would get done.

It’s not the resolution that’s the problem, it’s that you can’t choose between landscape and portrait. I use my Ipaq as a checklist, what’s easy to select I use in Mobile, otherwise it goes on my recorder, my libraries are getting better which makes Mobile easier to use, my main complaint though is still the excessive time it takes to review or print your report, which includes editing the layout of the summary and narrative reports.

I did two old crappy duplex inspections Sunday, when I did the reports I used two computers, these old ratty places take more time to write up and a little tweaking, I don’t like to divide a paragraph between two pages etc. so I usually need to review the report a couple of times, the changes only take a minute or so, but seeing them in the review seems to take longer each time.

I can pull up 720 Page PDF in seconds, but it takes forever to pull up even a summary review that contains only a few pages

I also cannot upload my contract and have the graphics display, and I can’t upload my PDF WDO Inspection Form, not biggies but irritating in $1000 software.

I’d like to see the format you use that you mentioned awhile ago, it sounds pretty slick.

I’ve only played around with HG, it probably has it’s own set of irritating features

Overall I like InspectVue, is it the Best, I don’t know, I’ve only played with the others

I think “all” of us want a “perfect” program that will complete the inspection for us…

Hook the cable into the back of our brains, and “download” the inspection in miliseconds, still pictures from our memories and all…

Now this would be nice and is probably only a few decades away…

BUT REMEBER - There will always be “bugs”… nothing is ever perfect!

I don’t mind a bug or two, I just want them to e “fast” bugs.

so nothing is perfect… why are we waiting so long? we shouldn’t get a peek?

I am telling you that hand held POS is part of the problem Lew. My Dell AXIM sits on the desk at home, it took more time loading the file in the pocket PC and then tapping on that tiny screen , then loading it back on a computer, then it takes me to do two reports.

ReportHost is looking better and better the more I read. It has none of the listed problems and has the WDO reports readily accessible. Not bad at all.
HiSpecPro is awesome. Very affordable and no issues so far. The new version allows you three photos per concern as well.

Once again, the world’s foremost authority…

Prof. Irwin Corey.jpg

I remember RH having other problems…down servers…if you are internet based reporting…and the server goes down at a bad time…oopsie.

Perhaps they got that figured out and it will never happen again.

Unfortunately, I use Satellite Internet through because where I live, there are no other choices. Besides being expensive ($60.00/mo); I am also VERY weather dependent. If the weather is bad; I could not update my reports. With IV, which I like ALOT, I can print it off if need be. Brian, I sure like to be able to do the reports on my Axim while I am walking around.