Instant water heater age

Hi folks- I inspected a 6k sqft home that had two vesta vrp 100 tankless water heaters. One on the north side of the house, the other on the south wing of the home. These are mounted externally and the spec tags are pretty weathered and unreadable. I do have the serial numbers but unfortunately cannot find any manufactured date info utilizing serial numbers on these vesta vrp 100’s. Does anyone have any history with these- that can point me in the right direction??
I started my business in June /2022 and this is the 3rd and 4th tankless heaters I’ve encountered. The other 2 were a different brand and the dates were not an issue.
Thanks in advance!


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Post the serial numbers here.

Vesta vrp199
Ser# 6LKK000043076

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Nice of them to install that right in front of the window!!!

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Send them request for mfg date based on serial number. vestahws

Thanks Everyone for the input. I sent a message request 2 days ago.

That unit was manufactured in 2021.

The first two letters in the serial is for the year. The 2023 model is not out yet.


Prior to 2020, they used numbers.