Insulating a garage...

This may not be the appropriate place, but I need to know the best way to insulated my garage that we are turning into a room/home office area. The cold air drafts through the metal garage door almost as if there is no door there. I would hate to remove the garage door and frame it because it will not pass homeowners assoc in my neighborhood. Thanks in advance…

I can’t think of any practical way to turn a garage into a living space and keep the garage roll-up door in place. In addition to the drafts, you’ll have a living space wall that rattles in the wind and a living space wall without any outlets. May want to move to Mexico where that may be more normal. Otherwise replace the door with a wood framed wall.

Think outside the box…

Build the wall two feet in from the sectional door. This allows for a properly sealed and insulated wall, outlets, whatever, and also maintains the door (with storage space for yard tools, car wash stuff, tools, etc. behind it) for HOA compliance.

often seen in model homes for extra office space
they remove opener, top rails and braces
leave side rails, torsion spring & locked overhead door (OHD)
adding foam panels here will increase R-value & deaden any rattle noise
sealing the weather strip inside and out can be removed later if every necessary
construct an insulated floor to ceiling partition about 8" inside the OHD that can later be easily removed for resale or change of heart
metal stud & vinyl covered drywall can easily be done in a day by 1 person if your good and have the tools required
adding elec. is easily accomplished with wiremold to desired locations

common problems
properly sealing OHD to prevent blowing moisture intrusion
hoa snobs
negative inspectors

Just need the right graphics on the interior wall, Barry! :wink:


you fixed it!!!

Is there any way the HOA would let you build a wall and paint a garage door on the outside? Some HOA’s are more strict than others.