Insulation in Old Home Walls

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A friend has been renovating the kitchen of his older home (built circa 1880 or so). I visited him the other day as he had just pulled the lath down and was disposing of the insulation between the lath and the exterior walls.

Included at the link below are some photos of what the insulation looked like. I wanted to get your opinions on what sort of insulation we might be looking at here, and whether there’s any asbestos risk (which I was concerned about given that he had already pulled it all down and kicked up a lot of dust into the air).

Thanks for any insight you can provide.


Rockwool .

Thanks for the assistance, Roy!

I looked at his image and thought that looks like it came off a sheep, well, guess I am not so dumb. lol. My mom used to say they would put all kinds of things in the walls. Love those old homes, nothing like them anymore.