Insulation upside down or not

Is this insulation up side down plastic backing, not paper towards the ground

20180630_093441 (640x311).jpg

You need to explain what that picture is and where.

It looks like a liner insulation similar to what used in a pre-engineered building wall or roof installation. It may be ok depending on the application we cannot see.

not my choice for your climate
if you look close plastic appears to be perforated so completely encapsulated should not be a problem
joist bays should have insulation to the lowest point not highest and compressed by hanges
crawlspace soil requires vb

That insulation is fine, it can be installed in any fashion, its covered in plastic to reduce the chance of airborne irritation. Think no or low itch for the installers. Marketed to homeowners as a clean no itch product.

And is this a crawlspace?