Anyone seen this type of insulation? before?

reportedly the former owner worked at the ship yard and carted this stuff home and insulated the attic with it…

looks scary to me… :shock:

Rock wool.

boy Nick… I don’t know… this stuff looks very “hairy” for lack of better description… I’ve seen alot of rock wool but never anything like this…

I see a hodge-podge of different stuff, but I don’t see any rock-wool. Did you do a “match (fire) test?”

It is hard to tell from the picture but the fibers resemble rock samples I had seen out of VT and NY mines as a kid. I’m not talking marble either. I recommend a test be done by a qualified individual. I’m strictly going by the picture.

Almost looks like fibreglass mesh (in a different form) used for boat building, etc. Hard to tell from the pic but looks to be long fibres.

no I did not do a match test…

I added some photos… but not much help.

In the fiberglass layup process used in a variety of applications-including some ares of boatbuiding & shipyard work- they use chopped fiberglass instead of fiberglass cloth saturated with resin. This stuff looks like chopped fiberglass.

If that’s what it is, there’s a good chance that it releases respirable particles into the air which could find their way into the living space of the home once the air pressure in the home dropped below that in the attic. I would definitely recommend an analysis be performed by a qualified lab.