Insurance agent marketing

Wondering if anyone had any ideas or suggestions reaching out to insurance agents / companies to perform wind mitigation and 4 point inspections ?

Visiting offices hasn’t produced much.

Not looking for inside info but maybe a few ideas.

Thank you

These inspection types don’t generally exist anywhere outside of Florida, so you should post this in the Florida section.

Since this is your first time posting here, I’ll let you off easy with a “Marketing Tip”…
Know your Customer… Market to your Customer!!

Strike One!!

Yeah your right :crazy_face:

Welcome Chris and a good question you pose. You are one of the few that have agreed with JJ on his first post comments. You have already started on his good crabby side.


Actually… there are many. They simply have YOU on ignore so you don’t see their posts!! :wink:

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Don’t bother, you’ll be lost in the crowd of about 10,000 other inspectors doing wind mits and 4 points.

Insurance agents will refer you if they know your work, and it’s correct/completed accurately, and in the proper format.

They’ll only look at your offering if there’s something new in it (cheaper, faster, whatever). And don’t go down the “cheaper than everyone else” path, it always ends poorly.


It’s a shame that computers and keyboards can’t detect helium balloon inhalation and talking. Otherwise, you would not appreciate my reply… :crazy_face:

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