Marketing for wind and four-point

I’m a new inspector and looking to market my services for wind, mitigation and four-point’s and I was wondering what you might recommend.

Contacting insurance agency’s in your area.

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Like Roy said, the people who recommend those insurance reports are insurance brokers/agents/offices, etc.

They won’t likely just switch to you unless you’re offering some reason to change (they are already getting these reports from other inspectors). Don’t let that reason be cheaper or lower price, try offering some other benefit.

Also, the best place for a new inspector to reach the end user that actually needs those reports is a good web site. Look into it, the homeowner angle is a better place to be anyway.

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Agree with Roy and Dominic, also I get a good percentage of my Wind Mitigation and 4 point from Google business.

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I had my vehicle vinyl wrapped listing I preform 4-Point Inspections and my business skyrocketed

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Hi David,

Your URL leads to a odd search display for inspection companies.

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Well, I got this at his URL…yikes. (no, I did not call the 855 number, lol)

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Getting buyer inspections some dont have insurance brokers. So could work an agreement with couple of them. One hand washes the other.

Do you have any experience with Yelp ads? Or angies list?

Run, Forest, Run!!!

Those services have a spotty record with other inspectors, sometimes they work or produce results, often they are expensive and produce poor quality leads.

Given the low price point of insurance inspections, I wouldn’t take that path.