Wind Mitigation marketing question

Good evening all,
As a new home inspector here in Central Florida, I know that my best bet is to market my home inspection business towards realtors.
But what about insurance inspections such as 4-points or wind mitigations? How do you guys that do wind mits get your phone to ring for clients wanting a wind mitigation?
Do you meet and talk with home insurance agents and give them your contact information just as you would with a realtor for home inspections?
I love reading these forums but I could not seem to find this answer anywhere. Thanks in advance!

It is a pain in the A-s. Most already have someone and if they drop them for you because you are cheaper they will likely do it to you. I market towards homeowners on the web. Seo and Pay to play. Since licensing there is not much money to be made doing them as just about anyone can do them. Lots of hoops to jump through for little pay. Maybe try after hours or weekends as I do not do that sh-t but some people can only do it during those times. Good Luck.

We started by visiting insurance offices. It grew quickly for us.