Insurance insanity and Taxes and the Florida government

For the past 300 years plus, Florida has been inhabited by immigrants from the east who brought civilization and modernized construction from the old world. Most of the older structures have succumbed to termite attack, many have been ravaged by flooding (built close to tidal planes for reason of transportation and livelihood) and then there are the properties damaged by windstorm impact. The insurance companies would have us believe(judging by rate increase percentages) that their liability has increased 5 fold in the last 8 years. The state senate and congress seems to agree, the only solution they can agree upon is to increase the coverage of the state pool insurer CITIZENS INS. This is not a problem limited to the Florida peninsula. Along the entire coastline from Texas to the new england states the insurance companies are attempting to weasel out. Claiming the potential disaster will wipe them out. It is time for everyone to call their congressman and senator to stop the insanity. The only solution is federally sponsored windstorm insurance similar to The flood insurance program now provided. Flooding actually causes significantly greater damage on a yearly basis than windstorms. I hope you agree and contact your federal representatives.