Insurance Inspection

Just received the renewal for my home owners insurance and with it a letter from my broker stating that because of the age of my home (built in the 1940’s) they require an “insurance home inspection” and that the inspection company will be in touch with me shortley.
Anyone ever have one of these ? , it’s a first for me and i’ve owned several homes.
Should be interesting following this guy around.
May be something I should contact my insurance company about doing myself.:wink:
“HEY”… MAYBE IT’LL BE ONE OF YOU GUYS !:):):slight_smile:

They did mine a year ago, not much of a deal. My house is 140 yrs, they note the shingle condition from the ground, mentioned deadbolts, and wanted a cover over the valve on my outside oil tank, never mentioned about 2000 other things that I would have noted.

I use to do them, looking at some of the high risk, vulnerable areas - roof condition, fireplaces, woodstoves, oil storage tanks, derelict vehicles on property, etc.

Mainly high risk conditions that would have an impact on insurance.

It required special training “we” took with an organization Insurance Advisor Organization. What was inspected depended on actual insurance package of the insurer.

Insurance companies also don’t like galvanized /cast iron piping, old K&T wiring, AL wiring, fuse panel, small service etc…