Insurance: NACHI members can't be turned down for any pre-existing health condition.

*Dear NACHI Member,**As an extremely valuable benefit to the NACHI membership, we have secured two very high quality MAJOR MEDICAL health insurance plans for our members. As we all know, oftentimes it may be impossible to get a good health insurance plan. If you have diabetes, a history of bad health, a previous heart attack or cancer, or even high blood pressure combined with high cholesterol, it’s just about impossible to get any health insurance company to issue you a policy because of the various insurance company’s medical underwriting guidelines. The new NACHI-sponsored plans are also medically underwritten, but for NACHI members, no medical questions will be asked if you apply during the NACHI Open Enrollment period, which begins on April 1 and extends for 90 days.**If you apply for a policy during this open enrollment period, you will automatically be issued a policy (as long as you are a NACHI member in good standing and you work full time). You won’t have to answer any questions about your health, and the pre-existing conditions you might have will be a covered benefit after you’ve been on the plan for 12 months. If you have any family members that you’d like to enroll, the same “no medical questions asked” applies to them. If you wait until after the open enrollment period ends, you’ll have to answer the health questions, and you could be turned down for a policy at that time.*You can learn more about the NACHI-sponsored Major Medical plans, called AssetProtector, by calling Lehrman Group toll free at 800-600-9663. They have been offering health insurance plans since 1988. You can also visit them on the web at]( to learn more and download brochures and applications for these plans.