Insurance discounts galore for NACHI members: business, auto, home, and more.

It just never ends what NACHI does for its members .
Very few openings left till the Doors are closed at 10,000.

Roy Cooke … Tried the rest NACHI is for sure the BEST

Is there a NACHI discount for health insurance anywhere in the forums?


I thought it was on it’s way, was announced last year sometime.

We announced the health insurance in NACHI Deals forum on December 6, 2006, but less than a dozen members filled out the form. With no interest in group health, we can’t do it. If you want to try to promote it again and get members to click the NACHI link at the bottom of the left blue border in please have a go at it. Some of the projects we announce require member participation and if there is no participation we are forced to drop the idea. NACHI is a member driven association.

I agree Nick. That would have been cool if an interest was there.

You have a deal. I need to talk to you about that because I have an idea that would most likely provide you with more than enough people signing up.

Erol, I think this might be of interest to you:

I looked at that “critical illness” insurance plan, but the premium of over $1100 per month for me and my family made me critically ill ! No thanks.

There is no way a TRUE group health insurance program will be available to members anytime soon. And by “true” I mean one that is guaranteed issue and does not exclude pre-existing conditions (Unless there’s a gap in credible coverage greater than 62 days in which case the carrier has the right to deny pre-ex for 1 year). It would be nice if you could purchase a plan through NACHI but health carriers want nothing to do with offering a program to an Association. There is WAY too much adverse selection for the health carrier. For self-employed’s, which many Inspectors are, I would look into to any plans offered to specific trades, i.e Home Inspection. For example, I think (emphasis on THINK) it was Keystone BC out of Philly would offer a GI (Guranteed Issue) plan to Inspectors. They were one of the trades coverage would be issued to. I’m not sure where else this kind of thing was available, but I would call around. Also see if there are any Chamber of Commerce plans you have available to you.

I think I pay about $450.00 a month at blue cross for the wife and I. It is my HI business insurance so I get a tax break. High deductables also help, as does being healty.

How true. The varied state mandated coverages also prevent insurers from offering any “single price rate” to members from different states.

There was proposed legislation in congress to address this issue in recent years that would permit associations to obtain group rates but it has not progressed very far. And now with the change in power I can’t see it happening anytime soon.

Well, the only solution to this is going to be some type of universal/socialized/federal healthcare. And essentially that would make doctors employees of the goverment which is frightening. Each state has it’s own requirements and have the autonomy to set rates as they wish and offer the plans that they want.

Unless an Association has probably 70,000 members, don’t count on a plan being available. People will join an association because they are not insurable on their own, not for the true purpose the Assocation is there for. They need group coverage. Insurance company pays out too much in claims and does not collect enough premium. There are usually no participation requirements for enrolled insureds (like there are with private employers) so once the rates increase, the healthy people split and the insurance company is left with a pool of people who are pigeonholed in the plan because they can’t buy insurance elsewhere due to health reasons. Ultimately, the plan self-destructs. Make sense?

If you are healthy to the point where you don’t have any pre-existing conditions, get a Health Savings Account! Conceptually, it’s taking a high deductible health plan and attaching it to an IRA (major difference is the IRA can be liquidated at 59 1/2 with no penalty whereas the HSA is 65). Consumer driven healthcare is the new platform.

Let us hope not. Since I do not want to contribute to any further thread drift, that is all I care to say at this time.

The bill I mentioned would allow someone in an associaton to buy insurance anywhere in the U.S.
Thus one could buy insurance from someone writing insurance in another state that did not have agregious mandates therby lowering the premium cost. See comment on proposed legislation here: LINK

Thanks Ben, good info.

My pleasure, Nick. I’ll say it again… if you’re eligible, get yourself an HSA. You’re saving money (if you do it the right way, i.e make the contributions) and keeping premiums low through a higher deductible. The Federal Goverment made changes to this program a few years ago, remember that it used to be the MSA (Medical Savings Account), to make it more efficient for your as the insured. Anyone can call me if they have questions on this. Glad to help.