Insurance Needed.

Hello to all. I tried to search the links but there were way to many.

I need a new contractors policy because state farm is dropping me because I also do home inspections and they do not want the liability.

Please post any email addresses to any insurance agents that you think are are on the ball and can get things done for a good price.

Thanks in advance. :smiley:

See how Ethics always comes into play! :wink:

Sorry, can’t help you on the insurance. Canx mine in the 90’s. I was with Foremost at the end. Try Lloyds, they are big in the high risk occupations.

Nothing to do with ethics. All about risk. Once again you have proved how smart you are not :slight_smile:

Mike don’t you do insurance inspections? :roll:
Thought you might be able to contact a company that refers you business & get a quote. :stuck_out_tongue:
You can try or call 1-866-916-9420.
They were at the conference over the weekend.
Hope this helps.

P.S. I sent you a MB message with info on my agent I have insurance with.

I just sent out 20 emails. I will continue latter. I am going to donate some time at my daughters school right now and always like to use folks that get high recommendations.


Everything to do with ethics.

The high risk comes from the probability of unethical behavior. They cancelled you. If it was all about money like you think, they would have just raised your rates. Perhaps they have been reading your posts on this MB. :shock:

Once again you have proven why State Farm is far superior than your ethic’s challenged mind. :neutral:

Call Schuyler Hellings - CH Insurance -

  • (315) 234-7500 x5343
  • (315) 234-7508
  • (888) 400-8087 x5343 Toll Free

Or Will Colton

Will Colton
Broker/Program Manager

Citadel Insurance Services
826 East State Rd. - Suite 100
American Fork, UT 84003

(801) 610-2713 (Direct)
(801) 610-2701 (Fax)
(866) 916-9420 (Toll Free)](

Both of these Vendors were at our conference and our Extremely Supportive.

Jeff just about every-time you type you show what a fool you are.

I have been in business with State Farm for 20+ years. Their problem is with Home Inspecting not General Contracting. According to them a great many Home Inspectors have no real qualifications and they are a bad risk to insure. I could keep my policy if I stopped doing inspections. I will not be told what to do so I told them to pound sand.

Thanks to the rest for the leads. Keep them coming. Jerry I received the info, thanks.

This just in from a State Farm Rep. It was in reference to a quote from LLoyds.

Lloyd’s is a company that takes on risks that most other companies don’t. Home inspections I would assume is that kind of risk.

Contact Jerry Brunker at Risk Pro I got a good deal with him this year. Keep in mind that your rates may be high anywhere you look since you are an new inexperienced inspector.

Thanks I will check with him as well. I need a Contractors policy at the moment not a HI policy. State farm did not wish to renew my Contractors policy since they do not consider inspecting contracting. Before our wonderful state licensed home inspectors ONLY Contractors , Architects, and Engineers were doing what I am doing. They NOW consider it an additional risk they are not willing to take.

What you need is a conspector policy. :mrgreen:

I couldn’t find conspector insurance companies on the internet. I did find a conspector though.:mrgreen:

Why do you think I recommended “Lloyds” many posts ago? :mrgreen:

My GC/Roof GL policy is with AutoOwners. Good company. Find out who writes for them in your area.
Niether Schuyler nor Will write GC policies, as of this weekend.

I am trying :slight_smile: