GL insurance for HI

I’m still searching for GL insurance. Any feed back relative to any insurance company in the state of FLORIDA that provides GL at a good price for Home inspector??:roll:

What do you considere a good price. I pay about $600.00 per year. Just found a compnay that has GL(one million) grouped with E&O ($100,00) for about $1500 per year.

William can you email me the insurance company that you use for your GL insurance.
I to am looking for Insurance. (WITH A LOWER RATE)

I would appreciate it very much Thank you.

How about mold insurance?


I had problems finding mold insurance but got it through Synergy.

Here is the guy’s contact info.:
Jorge Malave, Jr.
Synergy Professional Associates, Inc.
135 Kinnelon Rd. Ste 102
Kinnelon, NJ 07405
P) 973-995-0500 Ext. 3928
F) 973-995-0533

$300.000.00 Liability


Call Andy, 813-782-5502
Lee Reed Insurance, Inc.

Tell him I referred you

Thanks for the info Stephen.

Is that for 300K

Thank you,


Yep $300.000.00

He’s in Zephyrhills, Florida

I assume their mold E&O covers post remediation activities. their website isn’t really clear. Does your certificate of insurance specify E&O for post activities?

“Trained and Certified Inspectors engaged in the detection of mold in residential and commercial properties”

Our current policy is up for renewal and are always looking for something cheaper.


Check your spelling on your web site:
July 1, 2010 Florida Requuires Mold Assessors (Inspectors / Testers) to be licensed by the FL DBPR. Penalties / Enforcement to begin in 2011

Andrew did William mail you the info for the GL? If so can you please share it with us?

Thanks, slipped by me, getting old.
Hows this:
July 1, 2010 Florida Requires Mold Assessors (Inspectors / Testers) to be licensed by the FL DBPR. Enforcement / Penalties to begin in 2011

I spoke with Andy today. He sent me a quote for the same cost as above. You can up the amounts if you desire. If you are looking for coverage this is the place to go.

Please email Andy Miller with Lee Reed Insurance at with the following information in order to receive a quote:

  1.  Individual name,
  2.  Name of business,
  3.  Type of business (ex., sole proprietor, corporation, LLC, etc.),
  4.  Mailing address,
  5.  How long have you been doing inspections?,
  6.  Do you have any employees?  If yes, what is the total estimated payroll for the upcoming 12 months, not including yourself?
  7.  Have you had General Liability insurance in the past?  If yes, have you had any losses?

Also, please note that this is not professional liability insurance and professional liability is excluded from this policy.

Thanks Stephen, I got my quote today.

Got my quote today from Andy. This insurance will satisfy the DBPR for home inspector. $277.78 for $300K