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Looking to hire another inspector in the Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, St Lucie county areas.
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Ken Dolin
Kenco Home Services

Insurance inspections?

everything mike,

Cool. Best of luck to ya. I just do not see how there is enough in insurance stuff to make it worthwhile for both parties since licensing :frowning: Dominick Landi one of our new members may be interested. I have been mentoring him a bit along with some other great inspectors. He is also on Inspector Brotherhood. Reach out to him. He is a dependable guy and already knows alot and is just the right size for the tight spots :slight_smile:

I’ll do walk and talks for ya if we can get to a good price :slight_smile: You have my number. It all is based on when and location.

Thanks Mike, I try to stay away from Broward for the most part but keep getting sucked down there.

What the heck is a walk and talk? for full inspections? that does not really fit our profile but thanks anyway. I will keep you in mind for anything. I have sent folks your way in the past before I had additional inspectors.

It is my clients most enjoyable service i provide. Not one ever un happy :slight_smile: Getting them to know about them is the tough part :slight_smile:

Normal clients are the realtors or brokers who have seen it in action or I have told about it.

Gotcha, My presentation is the most fun for me as well. I guess I do the same but not as a stand alone service.