Insurance question

I am currently registered to take the inspector’s exam, and as most of you already know, the next step is to get insurance. My question is this: Exactly what insurance is required? Is it E&O for 100,000, or is it both E&O and 100,000 in general liability? I am a bit confused about this, and want to buy only what is necessary at this point.

What state are you in?

It depends on where you live.

Just E&O.
Where are you located?

I would however recommend getting the GL as well. It is just a few hundred buck/year for $1M coverage.

I am in Waco. I will get the GL, but it will have to wait until this inspecting becomes a paying proposition. Thanks for the exact answer.

I certainly would strongly recommend getting GL when you buy EO. You don’t want to break something or step through a ceiling. I think my GL is $280/yr.

I will strongly consider going ahead and getting GL too, with the idea in mind that the best insurance is the kind you never need to use. Oh, and I passed the exam.

Congratulation on passing the exam!
Now you get to wait and wait and wait for your license to be sent.
If you haven’t already, get your insurance ASAP and have them send the certificate to TREC. Get all your paperwork done fast because there is only 1 person precessing all this stuff and if she’s sick or on vacation, it will delay you getting your license. (At least that’s how it was when I first got my license).
They will send it you via email once everything is accepted.

Also, get a website up NOW. Don’t care about the content yet, just get it up. If you need help on all that stuff, give Dominic a call at Home Inspector Pro (HIP), he’ll help you out with the website. If you don’t have a reporting software yet, again, I recommend HIP + Kenton Shepards template. It will help you out while starting out.

Okay, thanks for all the advice. I love this place!

Since you are from Waco…My aunt and uncle lived near Mart in an even smaller community named Cottonwood.

This website is an endless resource for info. If it has anything remotely to do with our profession the topic has been discussed. Congratulations on passing the exam!

Mark, If you would like some information on Either E&O or Just GL Feel free to give me a call and I can give you some information/options.
Best of luck to you…

Thank you, sir.