Need info for Part Time Contractor - Texas

Question about E&O insurance requirements for a contractor I will hire in Texas. Do I add them to my policy? He currently has his own.

if he is paid via 1099 then he needs his own. But you also have to let your insurance know you hired a sub contractor and they have insurance, they will want a copy of it.

Just FYI, this is not always the case. @dhayes11 this is a question for your insurance provider. They may be able to add the sub-contractor onto your policy. I know this from personal experience.

Sorry Brian, trying to learn how to reply to these threads. Here is my question: I talked to insurance provider and they said they can add him to our policy easily but if they add him with his TREC license then he couldn’t do inspections for anyone else. Have you ever heard that?

I will have to bow out now. I am not in Texas. I think you are on the right path, I just wanted to insure you got it straight from you insurance provider. @wjones18 may end up being correct on this one. I hope a Texas HI drops in and helps you out further. Best of luck.

TREC requires either the Inspector have their own insurance or you cover them. The Inspector can have two policies unless the E&O carrier will not allow it (unusual they would not); their own, yours.

Your E&O carrier might have misunderstood that you are going to cover the other Inspector and they are going to terminate their own policy. Under that scenario the E&O provider is correct.

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Thank you Emmanual this is very helpful!