Insurance Severe Increase

Hey Guys
I am a Home Inspector in Ontario and have had no problems thus far, though I just went to renew my insurance and it increased by $150/month! They said that it is for mold and asbestos incase I miss some. I told them it says clearly on mine that it is a visual inspection only and no mold or asbestos testing is being done as that is an additional service. Has anyone else seen that? Or have any recommendations?

who is your insurance through? maybe time to change. I only pay about $70.00 a month for E&O and GL
1 million coverage on both with $500.00 deductible.

try to get a quote through nachi insurance.

You guys gown south are lucky! InterNACHI insurance still isn’t available in Canada.

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Edit, should say down south


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We don’t ya’ll up here :laughing: