Newbie insurance question

Hi Guys,

I’m currently looking into E and O insurance and I’m wondering what other Canadian Home Inspectors are using. My broker has found me his best price ($3000). Which I guess is what it is but man that seems steep. Any advice would be great.



Hi Jordan,
Easy Insurance quoted me Total Premium - $2760 and they include everything like infrared, mold inspection, radon and so on…

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Hey Jordan,

If this helps, that’s about what I pay in Colorado and also similar to what I paid for my policy when I did consulting work in Alaska.


Thanks for your replies guys, its greatly appreciated. I figured it was going to be around that price when all the quotes came back. Thanks again.


I’m here in Alaska, through interNACHI’s insurance with Elite MGA I pay $1300 a year for E&O and $100k general liability.
How’s you like working up here?

I’m not sure about Canada…can you get an insurance policy from USA? I use Hanover, agent is Jessica Ledbetter I have $500,000 for $1200 annually. After a lot of due dilligence, it was the best I found. Most of the rest twice as much. Good luck!

Hi Guys, I’ve talked to a few different agents and it looks like $2700 is the best Canadian price they can get. I guess that just means a few extra inspections this year! Thanks for your help, its greatly appreciated.


The company I use is Hartford, not Hanover as I said in last post. I got bids from several. Elite was $2200 for same policy.