Not sure if this is in the correct catagory, If not I apologize.

I’m looking to start my business this spring and I’m wondering your what your thoughts are on E and O and just Liability insurance?

Being that I’m new, would you prefer one over the other and what are your experiences and thoughts on this.

Plus what should I be looking for and asking when looking for insurance?


E&O covers mistakes you make. GL covers injury or damage. Lot’s don’t carry E&O because of cost. However once a lawsuit takes place due to the HI’s negligence that’s when reality kicks in and they wish they had it. Make your decision from there. Do a search you’ll see all kinds of info on this.

Thanks for the help and the link.

The last CE course I attended, the instructor asked how many carried E&O insurance. Out of 98 inspectors there, only 8 raised their hands. I do not carry E&O ins.


Many get sued ,just because they have it, and Lawyers always go for deep pockets.