I’m just getting started and was wondering what the most practical type of liability insurance is that I need to carry , Are any of the online outfits who offer home inspection insurance any good ?

I get my insurance from Ben Garrison, and he’s been a great source of info, and a great sounding board when needed.

I have no idea what would happen in a claim though, which is what really matters.

You need E&O and General Liability. Get at least 300K in E&O.

it really depends on the type of home you are inspecting and the different services you offer.

I currently use InspectorPro Insurance.

Me too. :smiley:

Curt, give me a call, first what State are you working in? does it have any insurance requirements? I can answer this for you. Two, if you only want to get started with Liability and not E&O at this time I can write just General Liability and once you are up and running and you feel that you have a stable business, I can then help you with an E&O program.
Fell free to give me a call
Dave Ask for Will Colton. Tell him Nick sent you. His email address is

Curt, click on “control panel” near the top of the page & fill out your profile so we know what state/region your from. This will help you to get better answers.

Is your state a licensed state & if yes do they require it?

I live in Ohio, an unlicensed state but I am licensed to do WDI inspections which E&O are requirement to have that license.

Regardless, IMO you should carry at least 100k E&O.