Inspector insurance?

I am new to the home inspection industry. I would like some info from some pros. My questions have to do with insurance. What types of insurance do I need to start my own business? I have read I need general liability and errors and omissions insurance. Also, both policies should cover bodily injury and property damage. Any recommendations on where to get these policies? Any feedback is appreciated.


Where did you read this at? What are your state licensing requirements?

Hey Christopher,

I read this on a random google page. That is why I am reaching out for help. I did not find any specific requirements for the state of Illinois

Liability at the minimum.

Well google is king…:no_mouth:

Yeah, I know it’s not all reliable. I don’t just want the minimum required insurance. I have a wife and a 11-month-old boy. I would like to cover all my bases. Do you have any suggestions that could help?

To me, minimum means $300K liability only (what most guys down here carry-State required)
I carry a million on everything I do & it includes E&O with a small $1500 deductible. :cowboy_hat_face:

Very useful, thanks Marc