Insurers slashed Hurricane Ian payouts

During the insurance claims process, it’s standard for field adjusters, who are trained to assess damaged homes, to collaborate with those back in the office to make minor edits, discuss aspects of the claim and alter line items if, for example, the carrier has evidence that damage was from a prior event, according to adjusters and insurance industry experts. That is how the system is supposed to work.

But that’s not what has been happening in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, Lee and others said.

Instead, Lee and other adjusters contracted by regional insurance carriers say that managers have been changing their work by lowering totals, rewriting descriptions of damage and deleting accompanying photos without their approval. These actions to devalue damage are the latest example of the insurance crisis in Florida.

There is no doubt that DeSantis owns this… :money_with_wings:

LOL. Insurance companies have been doing this on a routine basis for years in every state. Your governor has nothing to do with it. Perhaps you missed the “60 Minutes” episode on Hurricane Sandy years ago and the collusion between insurance companies and engineers to deny claims on the east coast. It still goes on every day and in every state.

I make my living from overturning denied insurance claims for policyholders as well as those that are grossly underpaid. I work almost totally from referrals, have a small website, and just from the folks who call me in the “non-hurricane” state of Missouri, I overturn about $1.5 million dollars worth of denials every year and have about $8 million in various stages of litigation. My governor gets none of the credit for that, either.


I’ve read the entire article and saw no indication that the State is at fault for the insurance carriers fraudulently changing damage estimators paperwork. Can you show us how the State is at fault for fraud by the insurance carriers?

You forgot to somehow work Trump into it as well. Both parties are trash. But the article has nothing to do with politics.

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