Florida Insurance adjuster

Anyone here a licensed Florida Insurance Adjuster? I would like to become one in anticipation of the next big storm this year. Any advice?

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I thought Nachi was throwing something together?

They do have some classes, I do not think it will get you a Fl adjusters license though.

Andrew! How are you? I recommend taking the FIU online adjuster classes.

Adjusting consists of three major parts

  1. Scheduling - You have to call your assigments within 24 hours no matter what. This makes clients happy.

  2. Inspecting - Meet client, inspect and collect data.

  3. Creating the claims - typically you wll use Xactimate. Learn Xactimate. Embrace it. Some adjusters spend most of their time fighting it. Chris Hatcher out of Pasco is a good trainer I hear. I recommend installing the 30 day trial and just using it. That is the BEST way to learn in my opinion.

You have my number, call me if you have any more questions. You are a great inspector and will make a great adjuster.

apply to the primary subcontractors to the major insurance carriers. (Pilot is probably the biggest). if they accept you, they will train you and help you pass the Fl or Texas test. Remember, a 3-20 adjuster can not market direct to a client and must work under the direction of a public adjuster or insurance company. THIS IS WHAT WE NEED FOR HI’s IN FLORIDA

Pilot pays based on experience and you can make anywhere from $200 to $800 or so a day. Count on the $200 for first storm and up from there.

Thanks for the advice!!

Listen to Chris - wicked smart

We handle claims for homeowner’s only, and always get them the $$$$ they deserve!

Ditto! www.homeinspectorusa.biz

The website for adjusters is catadjuster.org.

Ben teaches it: http://www.nachi.org/ben-gromicko-florida-approved-instructor.htm

Thanks Nick. Great to see Nachi involved in adjusting here. If you are a great adjuster(we only have room for great adjusters) send me an email to be on our roster for daily claims.

Great adjusters:
Show up on time
Always do what they say
Aren’t afraid to climb roofs, go in attics and ask questions
Can run Xactimate
Have tools
Care about the people whose claims they handle
Understand the property type they are handling claims for