Interesting Call-

I had a client call today on a inspection from April- They had a inspector out from their insurance carrier- The home a sag in the drywall in the garage- No stain and no leak. He put a moisture meter on it and told the client " Im getting some thing here; You need to have a licensed roofer or inspector come out and verify “they will be able to determine more details” and provide a letter that its dry. So the client physically pulled the drywall down and replaced- No leaking noted any where no staining in the attic above… Roof is 10 yrs old.

I also heard from another insurance underwriter they are sending inspectors out on all homes after the client has moved in.

So… I have to charge my client to go out and review uneducated insurance inspector.

The insurance companies send out these guys to perform risk assessments. Problem is, the qualifications are ability to take digital photos. The person who reads it (underwriter)and send insurance clients the nasty-gram, doesn’t know any better either…