Insurane Inspection for Mobile Homes

Good evening guys. I was curious to know if any of you guys complete alot of insurance inspections on Mobile homes. I got my first request for one today.

If so do you use the standard 4- Point checklist or do you have a different form? Would you be willing to provide me that form?

I also am begining to anticipate some difficulty with this. Specifically with regards to the roof covering. I’m not sure what the life expectancy on say something like a cool sealed roof would be. I assume 3 years.

Do any of you have a chart for the various types of commom mobile home roof coverings and their life expectancy?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I use the same form.

ive always used the same form as well. they are kind of a curve ball when you dont expect it, but you can just wing it. Pretty much the same inspection

Thanks for the feedback guys. It should be interesting. When the agent called I was not thinking about the potential issues.

If anything it will be good learning experience.

There is a different form and if it is a mobile home your suppose to be a licensed mobile home installer. A contractors license won’t suffice.

Do you have a copy of the form?

What are you doing up at 2am?

I’ll look for the form and shot you a copy, it may take some time for me to dig it up.

I’m a night owl, I’m usually up late anyway and I have a baby in diapers so I try to give Mama a break so she can get some rest.

Almost true…depends on the age of the unit and the underwriter, and what part of the State your in.

Most underwriters WILL accept a standard 4-point but they want to see an annotation concerning the type of strapping and the spacing.

YES - there is a mobile Home ONLY form that *SOME *underwriters want completed by a Contractor / Mobile Home Installer - much like the strapping verification and certification form.

Allot has changed in the last 12 months with the writing of Mobile Homes. Lots of companies will not even consider writing a mobile 1993 and older - again depending on what part of the State your in. Which in that case leaves the client with Citizens who has several reports they may or may not ask for.

Well - this was as clear as mud…OH - we’re talking about insurance inspections. That’s why…