Fireplace and chimney, or inside grill?

Ran into this today and I’m not sure if this is an fireplace or indoor grill

Whether it’s a Fireplace or a grill, it is not right the way it is.
Did you check to see if there was gas going to it?
Is that door an ash dump?
Cooking without a fan to assist is dangerous for the occupants especially if it is gas fired.
If it is a fireplace, it should have doors and a spark arrestter screen. Most likely it was used as a grill.
Looks like the outside needs repairs too.

What is on the floor in front of it?

Do you have a pic from further back?

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No there was no gas going to it

Nothing was on the floor in front, I don’t have a picture further back

I see what you did there!! :wink:

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Wood? Concrete? carpet?..anyway, if it is combustible it needs protection.

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Oh sorry, its concrete flooring, its an back patio closed in room

With all that rust and not knowing the condition of the flue/chimney, you might consider a Level II C.S.I.A. inspection:

Looks like an outdoor grill that was later built around. What ever the case nothing good about it.

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I’ve seen a couple of these here in FL. Not on an inspection, fortunately. Seems they were sort of popular for a while. but I cannot imagine what a pain it would be with all the smoke. They are (at least what I’ve seen) out in the sun-room or enclosed porch (as this one appears to be from the roof pics).

Lots looks wrong with this one. I’m sure that the report was fun LoL

(This is what’s wrong with the typical, uneducated, CYA inspector)…
So, honestly, what’s the difference here…??.. (not the obvious)…

[quote=“pthomas6, post:1, topic:153935”]
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Big difference

So, other than the obvious cosmetic differences, what are the differences? Explain it to us.