What's happening here?

OK…I know what’s going on here, but I’d like to hear your thoughts as to what you think is happening here?

There is more than one issue…


We need to know more! Impossible to tell anything from just IR. Is their moisture under the AC unit. Why are the pine trees warmer than the side of the house? Are there two layers of siding? What kind of siding is this?



Heat loss

Time of day


What did you have for lunch :smiley:

Heat loss around the A/C wall unit.

I can say it’s 10:00 AM and it 34 Degrees F outside.

No sun reflection on this side of the house, the sun is reflecting the other side of the house at this time. Complete shade…

Yes, that is one defect. Which is pretty obvious to an experienced Thermographer.

#1 The lower temps. are near the rim joists for the second floor and the A/C unit is loosing heat?

#2 there is condensation behind the vinyl siding and the A/C unit is still loosing heat?

It’s not vinyl siding…

Here’s the rear of the house which has sun reflection. This picture should give it away. Why isn’t the shaded area cooler than the sun reflected area?

Tree Shade???


Dave, the more I look at the IR picture the more I need confirmation that this is heat loss and not reflection around the A/C, did you take pictures from different angles?

Bad insulation…

Yes I did. Would you like another angle of the 1st pic?


Dave, can you also tell us what your delta T was in each picture?

Here ya go…


In that first picture David you should tell them to open up the trim strip and maybe shoot it full of Great Stuff can foam.
Bet it is just an empty cavity and that should save them a few bucks I would say.
Second pic looks like the big wall is not getting hit directly by the sun enough to make a difference

I didn’t input the cosshairs on that last picture as it was not the picture that was used for reporting.

Now you guys have me going. ha. ha.

I see a higher heat on portion of the sun reflection on the clapboard, some of it is shedding on the adjacent wall.

I am seeing heatloss through the Box sill of the second floor and lacking insulation in one bay of the wall framing.
Heat loss on the window and more at the head due to possible solar gain.

Alright, how did I do?

S#ck say it, ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :wink: