Interesting image

From yesterdays inspection. 1980 construction but this addition was added much later, late 90s-early 2000.

Rawson IR 008.jpg

Argon gas problem?

Broken seal on patio door. The center of the door is sucked in showing colder temp.
Good image Russel.

Yep - good image.

Run it through Quick report or FLIR tools to upscale it and remove extraneous water mark and point measurement tool then publish to your website.

I will chuck, here are a few more from the same house. The last two are skylights. I like the last one where there is partial failure next to full failure.

Rawson IR 011.jpg

Rawson IR 005.jpg

Rawson IR 006.jpg

Rawson IR 010.jpg

I never see them here

Yep…my house was built in 1981 and we’re in the midst of replacing them all.
2/3 of the way through and $21,000 later…


Luckily I get to see defective thermal seals about once a month but only during the Winter months. Here’s one I found last week and a few other examples.