Interesting quote

Here is a very telling political quote:

"“I believe in the Constitution of the United States; I believe in the division of powers that it makes. I believe in the right of private property, the sanctity and binding power of contracts; the duty of self-help. I am opposed to confiscatory taxation, wasteful expenditure, socialized industry, and a planned economy controlled and directed by government functionaries. I believe these things to be inimical to human liberty and destructive of American ideals.”

This quote was made not during the recent elections, but in 1934, by John Davis, who wrote the Democractic Parties 1932 Platform. FDR, promptly trashed it and started the New Deal. Davis was also FDR’s Soliciter General and fought tooth and nail against the New Deal.

Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it.

Hope this helps;