NACHI needs to get on or get a Banner on

How come NACHI doesn’t advertise on REALTOR.COM ranked #1 in Website Rankings…??? This would totally boost NACHI Inspectors status, and get us more well known out here in California…

Any reason why we don’t???


A reason why they don’t answer you is the question!..:smiley:

How many times have you asked?..4-5 (maybe more)…:smiley:

This is why I keep asking… even Nick is not answering!!! What’s up with this? Why can’t we get listed with

Damn if I know!..:smiley:

You would think they would be all over the website!

Because nobody pics a home inspector from a banner ad.

Worse, more and more these days homebuyers are very leary about using a home inspector that is in bed with a real estate agent which is what a banner ad on the world’s biggest real estate site implies… so it might actually unsell.

Think about who visits (REALTORs don’t visit We REALTORs have access to our own updated multi-list systems) and think about what the visitor (almost always a homeowner w/o an agent) might be thinking when they see (what appears to them to be) a real estate site promoting certain inspectors. Too risky.

I have no right to do anything that could potentially un-sell our member’s services.

Thinks of something outside the box, I’m all ears.

I’ll put a small ad on there and see what happens…:smiley:

I’ll let you know Nick!

There are mortgage companies and moving companies, I doubt anyone thinks their sleeping with anyone.

Mortgage companies and moving companies don’t wreck deals for agents, and people looking for homes think everything out.

Funny,…most the realtors I work with, their clients don’t seem to think twice about using my company, so I think it might be a long time in the future before that cycle is broken, if ever.

And I don’t sleep with any of them!

9 out of 10 complaints against inspectors also name the real estate agent that recommended them. The public is on to it… whether it is true or not. There is a reason that more and more agents are keeping themselves at arm length from inspectors. Inspectors should do likewise. It is not because any hanky panky is ACTUALLY going on… it is because of perception, the negative perception it gives to our shared client… the homebuyer.

I’ve been in marketing all my life and there are plenty of sure bets out there. No sense in taking risk w/o reward.

That will Never change Nick.

As long as there are Agents, they will tell their clients the names of a few inspection companies, termite inspectors, different loan companies, appraisers, handymen, etc.

You won’t see that change in our lifetime.

And you’ll still see their clients using the recommended suppliers.

Look, if a REALTOR tatoos your inspection business logo to her forehead… great! A REALTOR recommending you is a good thing.

But having potential homebuyers CATCH US buying ads on big real estate sites implies that we need agents, need to advertise on their sites, and therefore need to keep them happy. I don’t like the connotation from that direction.

Running ads on the moving company or mortgage company sites is much better like the bottom of this one:

There ya go Justin!

I’m pretty sure that’s not the answer you were looking for. But hey, would you like to buy a new NACHI flashlight?

Better start reading that CREIA website. Atleast the Realtors in California know who they are. CREIA has corporate staff members throughout California who do nothing other than attend realtor office meetings, golf tournaments, events, etc… promoting the use of its California CREIA inspector membership. Their website also has consistently better search results than ASHI and way better than NACHI.

Again, I’ve never had an agent ask me if I’m a member of NACHI. They just don’t have a clue who NACHI is.

See next post, says it all.

Uh, someone not paying attention. You guys must be sleepy.

  1. I’m all for marketing to REALTORs. REALTORs are in the marketing business. No harm in telling them about your services.

  2. I’m all for REALTORs recommending the best inspectors. They have a fiduciary duty to do so.

  3. I’m *against *marketing to homebuyers (the people who visit via REALTOR sites, due to the secondary connotation it implies.

I’m too tired to explain the difference between the three any more than that, sorry. Nighty night.

You know…I really don’t think that people go to looking for realtors. They are going there looking for houses to buy. It just so happens that each house has an agent attached to it.

Who in the PHIC wants to be known as the inspector attached to an agent?

Nick knows marketing and I can see a myriad of reasons to trust his judgment in this call. Let’s wait for the day that the agents want to pay NACHI for a realtor ad. It’s coming…

Instead of paying for a banner on a realtor site…I would love to see banners like this placed on all NACHI owned inspector directories:

"If you trust the person selling you the home to pick your home inspector for you, read no further. If you would prefer to select your own home inspector to represent your interests in the purchase of your home, we can help."

I’ll bet we would triple the number of hits we are currently getting.

Wait a minute… This is a contradiction…NACHI supports marketing to Realtors, however NACHI refuses or (you) refuse to market on REALTOR.COM because you fear that we are supporting a relationship with Realtors?!?!!?!?!

This does not make sense! IF NACHI is a large organization, and we want NATIONAL ATTENTION, why wouldn’t we be on the LARGEST REAL ESTATE RESOURCE WEBSITE!?!?!!? that’s

AND: If is a site that (HOME BUYERS) visit to Look for homes, why shouldn’t we MARKET our Inspection Association here… Buyers from all over the Country go to this site, that would mean NATIONAL ATTENTION for NACHI Inspectors.

I think there is more to it, that is not being explained here… I mean, correct me if I am mistaken… If we took a POLL of how many NACHI Inspectors would support OUR ORGANIZATION being posted on REALTOR.COM I would bet it would be an overwhelming majority…

NACHI has all the promotional items for realtors, brochures for realtors, etc. etc. etc. But we will not market where REALTORS WOULD SEE NACHI THE MOST?!?!?!


Nick, it doesn’t make sense why you are refusing to GO FOR IT!

Will, thanks again for backing me up on this… Nick, I am sure there must be other reasons why you do not choose to market here, and I give you credit for starting NACHI and operating a great association, but I really don’t understand your resistance to advertise our services on

These promotional items are available to inspectors who choose to market through agents on an individual basis. NACHI, indeed, provides this to them to assist in these endeavors, but the actual marketing effort is an individual one - not NACHI wide.

Even the email newsletter campaign results from individual inspectors submitting addresses to the database and that inspector’s name goes out with the newsletter.

The idea, for those who market to agents (not all do), is to do so as individuals for their own individual businesses.

If NACHI, as an association, developed such a relationship with that industry - it would alienate itself from the many inspectors who insist upon keeping RE agents at arm’s length.

I hope that Nick continues to offer promotional items and support to those who want it without dragging the entire association into it. Let’s stay off of

I agree to disagree… If NACHI promotes the “best” inspectors… why wouldn’t we want to promote this Nationally for Home buyers… that is the #1 site for home buyers. And yes, realtors have listings here, maybe they will learn more about NACHI as well…

If NACHI was seen on Realtor.Com and it (earned) you more inspections… You wouldn’t want to be listed here???

I am looking at it from a Ratings standpoint… if we had enough money to be listed on the FRONT PAGE of YAHOO or GOOGLE, OR MSN… You wouldn’t want to be seen here?!? I sure would…