If you have properly marketed and positioned your Company, you will be impervious to Bubbles and Downturns in the Market

February was down in our market area while our Market Share and Inspection Fee Average increased.

I read both post articles and it seems to be saying “new” housing sales down, unless I missed something. At least in my area the previously owned homes are still selling like the proverbial hot cakes due to housing shortages. Our situation is unique in one regard, lots of housing was destroyed during the last two hurricane seasons. We still have found other very lucritive avenues for generating revenue.

I house prices decrease, that (could) mean an increase in sales.

They say that salesin my area have been going down 17%, but I booked more inspections in the last two weeks than in any other 2 week period.

Averages are just averages and not applicable (precisely) to any given person or area.

I have noticed in the last few weeks the news stories have changed everyday. One day I open the paper and I see an article “Home Sales are up”, the next day there is an article completeley contradicting the previous article.

Like Will, I have seen more bookings in the last three months (Jan thru March) then in previous years for the first quarter. I’m tending not to even want to read these type of articles, they just don’t seem to have a pulse on what is truly happening in my local market place.

Just my Opinion (from my experience)