What is it with these last two weeks?!?!?

I have had a number of inspections (seems like the market, or at least the volume, is turning up) but many where they just want a special consultation (water intrusion, mold, thermal) either stand alone or as an augment to a regular inspection already done by someone else.

Lot of lawyers wanting the inspections, either for litigation or they being buyers with special concerns.


The keep telling me that they want a “walk-and-talk” inspection with no report (less fee), then they change their minds and want full plown reports with pictures and all. For instance, I called out a non-compliant deck, but the agent wanted me to put the pictures and added detail verbiage in the summary portion of the report. I explained to him that the summary portion was just that, a summary. I explained that the only reason that there is a summary section in the report is that agents and lawyers don’t want to spend their time actually reading the whole report. (Gee, they get paid the big bucks, but want us to make their job easier. What a concept!).

I had three clients, all lawyers, who wanted the less expensive walk-and-talk, didn’t have their check books and said they would pay when they received an invoce. So I e-mailed them and invoice, then they got all upset about the fee and wanted a report. I told them all that they were skippers and wished them well and told them I would report them to the “who doesn’t pay” web site as dead beats. Two of them sent threatening e-mails, but they all sent their checks.

So, it seems like with the increased volume, we also have an increase in the number of people who refuse to have a clue.

Go figure.

I am getting more inquiry about credit cards and use Paypal but feel I may need to add a skimmer.

You get specialty inquiry because you provide aux services.
Far as the market goes it has been hot recently but goes up and down with Jan and Feb starting slow.

Others seem to be busy also.

Booked a Condo downtown for sat morn and a home in Hillside tonight then found out the first Bulls playoff game will start at noon…darnit.

Busy here too with home inspections and IR.

It’s been very busy here too. If I don’t book Sunday, it will be my first day off in two weeks (and most of next week is already booked). My lawn looks horrible.

I did a mold inspection for a lawyer on March 3rd. He also forgot his checkbook and asked to be billed. After many many follow-up calls looking for my money, I just got the check on April 24th. Very sad.

My main point is that these people want summary reports, but when you give them a summary, they complain that there are no pictures or detail.

Hey Will:

I have done a few walk and talk inspections, but not many. I make sure that the client understands that if they want notes or photos they should take them.
I just “walk and talk”
And its cash B4 we start


I dont do walk and talk inspections. My wifes friend who is a broker of record told me to be weary of them bad agents fly by night agents and lawyers want them mostly and never for any reason that will make a home inspector happy. Either to cut costs and blame you later or drag you through court as a witness. She told me that any good agent or lawyer wants nothing less than the full deal. She also said that when this idea was brought up at a recent meeting she told her agents that if they want to use it they could also use the door to leave. Many repudable agencies feel the same way. The of due diligence for suggesting it can bite them in the *** later in court.
Run your business the way you want of course just sharing with you the opinion of an honest broker/agent and long time family friend. In a hot market a lot of people try to cut corners to make a buck and dont think long term.
In my opinion you can say no to doing this, explain why, and sell your services as an upsyanding HI. If you do what they ask you can be rich now and poor later.

Then give them the report with no summary and tell them that is the summary.

My reports are 50-70 pages on average and never had one complaint plus just booked Sunday from a client 4 years ago ,again.Might be the software,try HIP.

Mike Holmes does good walk and talk inspetions, and ends up tearing up the houses. Is that what you want?

I talked to a roofer the other day, who gives out free visual roof inspections. However, if you want documentation, it is $175. That is how it is done.

Square Up has a product that works with iPhone and Android. Allows you to accept CC on site or type it in. Flat % for all card types including Amex and no annual fees or minimums. We have had good luck with it working when we need it to.

Yeah going to look into square though PP also now has a slider and already have an account so need to compare.

Square is 2.75% Paypal’s new reader service is 2.70%, With square you get your money the next day, with paypal’s reader I have it available on my paypal card in a few minutes. I’ve had a square reader for a while, but I’ve become pretty fond of my paypal card over the years, hard call between the two.

I send a money request link and they raised the cost to more which I think is around 2.9%.
Also takes a few days and they keep it on their account till you request it transferred.
Would prefer not to give Bank info to yet another party however.

Till recently it was 2.75%

This is what I have been going through the last month.

As I stated in our phone conversation I cannot remove the suggestion that you engage a structural engineer to examine the house. That after all was one of the reasons you requested a report from me, to see if a structural engineer was needed. If I were to remove the suggestion that yu engage a structural engineer it would not only be unethical but also open me and my company to all forms of liability which I am not prepared to do.
With this now restated in writing, I once again respectfully request that you pay me the $200.00 that you owe me for the inspections.
Please make the check out to Firm Foundation Home Inspections.

Because I refused to change the report for her this is what she wrote back.

I will make full payment, but there is no way for me to pay the late fee.
Also, since I find you on the web and I was not satisfied, you may get a below average review.

My reply was

You must do as your conscience dictates.
It makes no difference what I tell you, because you will not be satisfied until I bend to your will and do write or delete what you want. The report remains the truth and will stay the way it is.
Threatening me with a bad review to try and get me to do what you want will not work. I will have the opportunity to add my comments and can also post your emails to validate my argument.
Awaiting full payment including late fees.

late fees, invoicing…get the payment upfront before you start the inspection and always, have your contract signed. we are not auto mechanics, we can’t hold their car hostage until the bill is paid; you can’t lien the house when a potential buyer does not pay and without a signed contract you really can’t win a lawsuit for non-payment (especially against a lawyer).

Sir/Madam, it is my policy to go over the contract with you and receive full payment prior to the inspection. I have never, ever, had one refuse. Had one guy say, "I’ll pay you when I get the report - sorry; OK, I’ll pay you when you are done and we have discussed your inspection findings - sorry; OK, I’ll pay you now; thank you for understanding, since it is early, I would like to start on the roof and attic before it is too hot.

Last person on earth who should ever have a billing/collection problem is a HI ( unless your working for one of the WCE’s who apparantly does not pay their bills)

make them sign an Agreement ordering a summary rpt!

c-bob, just wtf do you need 50 pgs for?! on a condo!

I do not know…ask my clients.

Seems they like getting information for some reason.:wink:

I admit it might have changed if I lived in an area where Agents told me how to do my report and controlled my business…lucky me that is not the case and in most rural areas guys do not work unless they play the game so I do not look down on those who do less as they be forced to in order to feed their families.

April was my 4th best month in 3 years!
May zero completed so far…weird. Oh well off to the gold claim for a week! That always makes up for a slow month any way!