interior basement draiange systems do NOT

…remove, relieve, lessen clay soil pressure OFF-OF any foundation wall, they don’t remove any possible TREE ROOTS like this in video that CAUSED some of the cracks in foundation wall and subsequent seepage in basement

Installing any type of interior system and sump pump also does NOT repair/waterproof deteriorated parging, cracked-deteriorated bricks and mortar joints that was applied to the exterior of foundation wall, doesn’t waterproof exterior cracks in walls as in video

How about further deterioration in brick or block foundation walls like this :50----1:20
There is mold and efflorescence on inside of foundation wall so… installing ANY interior basement drainage system, Mira-moron drain etc etc will NOT stop further water from entering any of these exterior cracks and other openings!!!

And so installing the stupid interior system will not stop/prevent mold, efflorescence, that’s why some will COVER part of all of the inside of the foundation wall!!!

Further deterioration of the exterior bricks, blocks, mortar joints will CONTINUE if you install an interior system!!! sheesh

They are relentless in selling people the interior water intrusion system here

same scumbags here Wayne, hope business is booming for you in TN