Block foundation walls, leaky basement, mold and efflorescence

St Clair Shores MI, block walls, mold and efflorescence on some of the interior blocks. Water is entering through numerous exterior cracks in these walls. Installing ANY interior basement drainage system and 53 sump pumps would not stop further water from entering, nor would installing any interior system remove-relieve expansive clay soil aka lateral soil pressure off the walls and underground roots from nearby trees. There AREN’T ‘options’ to these problems, there is ONE lone fix, one correct fix and numerous moronic incompetent water diversion techniques that would not stop further water from entering hence not stop further mold, efflorescence etc.

I never believed in a CMU walls used for a foundation. Most of the time they are not built right and they crack to easily and waterproofing on the outside is always non-existing.
Nothing but trouble.
CMU was meant for above grade interior construction or exterior construction with the proper waterproofing rain screen to protect them.

Nice video John. Hope all is well.

lol yes sir Marcel, you know it. They don’t waterproof 'em, the parging (when applied–it’s not always) cracks, once it cracks, basement leaks…usually accompanied by some mold or efflorescence on some on the inside blocks.

Like these two corners, blocks walls we just did yesterday…
Please feel free to read the entire comment under this video from Andrew B… he is talking about A Helfman and Everdry… YEP!!!


Then we have those morons who ONLY install interior basement drainage systems… the frauds, the scammers who tell homeowners all kinds of nonsense, lies, misrepresentations in order to sell them the one thing they do and, most often these days they COVER aka hide the block walls so the homeowners don’t see water, mold, efflorescence, cracks widening after they install their piece of junk interior basement system and sump pump.

And we have some home improvement radio show hosts who LIE to their listeners on this subject in order to get the unknowng listeners to hire the scamball interior companies THEY recommend… like G Sullivan, A Helfman… both Everdry butt sniffers… so the hosts can also make $$$, yes sir. Glenn Haege pulled the same scams all the time when he was on the planet, yep!