InterNACHI acquires microwave oven leak detector manufacturer.

I’m pleased to announce that InterNACHI has acquired the manufacturing rights to our popular microwave oven leak detectors. The operation has been moved to Boulder, Colorado and the detectors will now be made in-house.

Cool and ever expanding. Way to go.

Interesting they are called leak detectors.
Bet most use them just for testing function.

If a leak was ever detected by anyone would love to hear about it.
Would that mean they should seek medical attention ?

good point

I was using one to show a client a leak once. I turned around and she was gone. I found her out in the driveway. Turns out, she was pregnant.

the micro wave got Her pregnant?

No, follow along. Nick was showing her his thing and it leaked. Next thing you know she is pregnant. I have heard this story 100’s of times. This is just the first time that I have heard the name Nick used.

that’s ok then …i was getting ready to take the micro wave out of the kitchen…

Was she using her microwave operated phone at the time ?
Seriously though I actually read somewhere that even if the door was open it would not leak out.
Gotta follow up on that.

That is not true.

The seals around the door must be intact and the screen behind the glass must be there for it not to leak.

It isn’t the landing bay on the Death Star :wink:

Just finished a report and will drift around to see if I find that article.

A couple of my high school friends must have kept microwaves in the backseat of their cars.

Microwave ovens do not let microwaves leak out.

There is a maximum allowed leak amount of 5mW, which is a really small amount1.

In case some larger radiation is let out, you would experience microwave burns2.

Microwaves radiation is non-ionizing. Differently from x-ray and gamma ray, the microwave photons simply do not have enough energy to cause cancer through ionization3.

Given the previous well-known facts:

If you are not burned, you are not being affected by microwaves, because they don’t leak out.
If you were to get burned, you would still have no ionizing radiation impact.
Finally, research shows that microwave-length radiation does not cause cancer, but the studies relate mostly to different kinds of microwaves (for example the waves emitted by a cell phone)

Here is Fact sheet…

Above being said I often run the tester outside for fun and say to my client…your safe.
Love those things.:slight_smile:

Bob, you missed the point.

They don’t leak because they are sealed by the door.

That is why the door is interlocked to shut it down if you open it.

Research shows that microwave-length radiation does not cause cancer,and personally would not worry much about it.

Despite this recall installing a micro hood for a client when working for Sears and he was a Nuclear Physicist terrified of it.
His wife insisted on having one.
True story.

Would also be a good idea to check it with a recall service…:slight_smile:

Bob, are you drinking?

Bob, try this

Accusing people of drinking or drugs on a public forum is not advisable and could be a ESOP violation which is why you are not so bright.

Nick is Larson allowed to constantly make false accusations and bring false allegations designed to harm other members business as he so often does but still be allowed to remain a member of interNACHI ?

I recommend you use Recallchek to assist you as a micro hood might possibly be on the list and a safety concern.

Not sure why members such as yourself that publicly attack others seem to get away with it scot free.

One wonders why so few actually post good information or ask questions till
one sees you belittling them .No doubt many are afraid of your wrath.

Please stop and allow others to disagree without personally attacking members,their families and businesses.
Shame on you.

Not everyone who disagrees with you or your ideas is drunk on drugs or a liberal.
Focus Mike,Focus.

Well, Bob you were not making any sense and I was concerned about you.

And asking you if you are drinking is not an accusation.

It’s a question.

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