InterNACHI acquires NEHA approval.

National Environmental Health Association (NEHA).

So does that mean the Radon course is NEHA approved?

We honestly don’t know what it means. Their letter is a mess.

This is HUGE for NACHI

Nick or Joe
Will you post in IAC2 as soon as you find out if INACHI Radon course is NEHA approved?
Thank You

That’s great but waiting to see what the actually benefit will be.

It could be huge. we’ll have to see what the benefit will be.

We hope it’s huge but you know how the red tape can be

There are numerous companies that have NEHA approval yet for their certification one will still have to go to one of their approved onsite (not online) testing stations.

Correct, we are an EDUCATION provider. So it is our online courses that got approved.

For education credits, not radon measurement certification…Right?

Hello All,

Allow me to provide a bit of clarification. The National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) is a not-for-profit, professional association dedicated to the environmental health profession. In pursuit of it’s mission, which is “…to advance the environmental health and protection professional for the purpose of providing a healthful environment for all”, NEHA offers a variety programs. Those programs include membership, our Annual Education Conference (AEC) & Exhibition, the Journal of Environmental Health, Research and Development, and Credentials. Our credential program administers 8 national credentials, all of which require continuing education to maintain. In addition NEHA provides oversight to the National Environmental Health Association - National Radon Proficiency Program (NEHA-NRPP). The NEHA-NRPP is administered separate of NEHA proper.

InterNACHI has been approved as a NEHA Educational Member, which is a category of membership open to educational institutions and in the case of InterNACHI a provider of training.

One of the services NEHA provides is to pre-approve continuing education coursework in environmental health. NEHA has approved two of InterNACHI’s courses; InterNACHI’s Mold Inspection Course, and InterNACHI’s Wood Destroying Organism’s Inspection Course. For more information on NEHA and pre-approved continuing education courses please visit and click on Continuing Education.

Thank you.

Thanks Heidi!