NEHA NRPP and AARST approve InterNACHI's free, online radon course for pre and CE.

InterNACHI’s free online “Advanced Radon Measurement Service Provider Course” is at

It’s free and online for InterNACHI members. Not a member? Join now to receive unlimited access to this course and all of InterNACHI’s free online courses.

As of July 7, 2014, this course is approved by NRPP and AARST for both Entry Level (INACH-1) and Continuing Education (INACH-401).

Congrats on getting approved. Just another example as to why InterNACHI is clearly the only real choice for any home inspector. A few months ago I paid a few hundred dollars for radon measurement training the was Maine State approved (NRPP). Having this training offered to InterNACHI members for “free” it is literally almost paying for your yearly membership dues, by this single benefit alone. Well done guys. Thanks for always thriving to improve the association and thinking of us.

The course is good for CE too.

I think every state that has adopted radon licensing requires a course with these approvals that InterNACHI has.

Is the course approved by Illinois (IEMA) yet?

IL.Radon Measurement or Mitigation Qualifying Courses

We asked their webmaster to include our course, which is much more robust than the ones they have listed.

Thanks. I agree, approved courses for IL licensing are only 16 hours.

Can this course be used in Pennsylvania for the PA DEP requirements to become a radon tester. If so does that mean that I can take this course, and then all need is to pass the exam to meet Pa’s requirements?

There are two Radon course’s available (Radon Measurement Service Provide that is 16 credit and Advanced Radon Measurement Service Provider Course that is 28 credits) Are both of these available to use for Pre cert for NRPP or just the Advanced?

I believe Ben is phasing out the lighter radon course. I’ll have him post here.

I spoke with our Education Department. AARST approved the 28-hour radon course but not the 16-hour course. However, we can’t delete the 16-hour radon course because other government agencies approved the 16-hour radon course, but not the 28-hour one.

So we have to keep both available to cover all the different government agencies and organization that approve one but not the other.

Does this mean that Aaron stops sending spam to us?

I would think so. This essentially puts an end to classroom courses that cost money to take.

Environmental Solutions Association (Aaron) offers both classroom and online at the IL web page, of course they do charge a fee for either.

Also all of the approved IL course are for 16 hrs. I see INachi is not listed as a qualifying course yet.

It’s out of our hands and with your state’s webmaster at this point. Our course is online, free, and qualifies to be listed on their website. While your state’s webmaster is at it, he/she might as well remove all the other classroom/fee-charged course providers from your state’s website, leaving only InterNACHI’s free, online course.

Will it cover CEU’s for Kansas?

Yes, for radon.

Thank you!!

Ben or Nick,
Has Ohio approved this course also? I have taken the 16 hour course but not the 28 hr course. My question is, if I take and pass the 28 hr course will I be licensed to test in ohio (after I pay the $400 app fee of course).
You guys rock!

Never mind, I found the answer.(saying that in my annoyed voice).

Nick …

Question … The Kansas Radon Licensing did NOT do like the KS home inspection law. The radon board accepts NEHA & NRSB training and classes for entry into the profession and for CE.

Plus those put on by Kansas State University in Manhattan Kansas.

Has this Class been approved by the Kansas Dept of Health and Environment AND the NRSB group