Internachi App?

Is there an InterNACHI app or plans for one? It seems like it would be easier to participate in the forums if there was an app with notifications…

Yes I’m using the app right now. Had it so long don’t remember where I got it try the play store Maybe

Tried it a few years ago. Buggy as hell and can’t clearly see any details of pics. It’s no wonder there’s so much BS arguments going on. Total POC in my opinion. Now I only come here on my laptop or at my desk. Very rarely my phone unless I’m really bored waiting for clients or agent to show up!!

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I looked in the apple store and did not see it. Maybe it was an Android app. I guess I figured most inspectors would be mobile!

I use it all the time! On my Samsung S10, I got the app from Google play store.

You don’t need any special app to be mobile. Just save a link to the website, like most of us do.


Yes Do This!

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Like I said in my post above…