iPhone App

What ever came of this? Looks like a GREAT TOOL !!

I agree that we are in need of an app. Anytime I try to do anything on the “members only” webpage. The format is awful. It would be great if we could easily make online agreements onsite. Just incase someone adds let’s say radon sampling.

Yes, when is the release date? It would be nice to pull out the app when a homeowner thinks your crazy for saying 2" to combustibles on a chimney!

I have been using it for years. I think it is in the app store.

What is the name of it ?? I have searched several times and cannot find it.

Search on iphone for “internachi” only brings up the Forum.

Sorry wrong app. Chris probably got pulled away and put on another project and forgot all about this project.
I tried to get the fart candle guy to build it a few years back, after he asked me in person what kind of things inspectors needed. He was just interested in stuff that would line his pockets with money, not really interested in helping inspectors.

What app are you using James?

InterNACHI Forum app http://www.nachi.org/forum/f13/just-submitted-new-app-app-store-75990/