InterNachi Applicant vs Certified Home Inspector

Why are some of us switched to “InterNachi Applicant”, while others are still “Certified Professional Inspector”?

I was just wondering the same thing, then I saw your post and started wondering - how did you get your logo and signature to show up under your post? Mine doesn’t show up.

…until I ask the question, and now it does. I edited my profile and hadn’t posted anything since the edits. Apparently the edits aren’t retroactive.
Never mind…

Are you guys full members?

Go to your NACHI profile ( not here on the MB, but the main NACHI member page) and put CPI and/or CMI whatever you are in the suffix. See if that works.

Did anyone give it a try to see if it worked?


I found the issue - fixed. Just log out of the forum and back in and you’ll be all set.


Thanks Tim :slight_smile:

Thanks Tim! Appreciate your help!

Tried that to get my logo to show up in my signature block, but no result. Not a big deal - I’m just noodling around here, and I should probably get back to work! :wink:

Go here: Except that instead of installing the CMI logo in your signature, install your logo.

That worked - Thanks Nick!

Here is my sig in code… If that helps any.
The " SIGPIC" is the CMI seal.

InterNACHI Lifetime Member.
**Serving Gainesville Florida and surrounding areas.**
Florida Certified Contractor #CRC1328001
Florida Certified Home Inspector  #HI7019
**Deus solus me iudicare potest**
 #1st Pro Inspection 
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Thanks, Roy. BTW - the Latin quote in your signature block is great. Love to see people using Latin!

I’ve had that on all my vehicles including my boat for a very long time.
Why because it is true for me.
Only God can judge me
Deus solus me iudicare potest