InterNACHI "bad review" threat letter

I had a seller (who was a Realtor) leave me bad feedback on Yelp because I:

  1. Walked on the roof
  2. Called out a missing GFCI at the laundry sink

This was enough for her to go online and blast me. She was slandering me for doing the basics of my job. Nick sent me a link for InterNACHI’s form letter that was instrumental in getting Yelp to remove the review.

I am very grateful to Nick and everyone else at InterNACHI for creating this amazing letter. Thanks!


For further reference, YELPS policy is that only clients/customers can post reviews.
Contacting YELP directly, and informing them that “this person was not and never has been a client of yours and therefore can not possibly review/rate you sevices” should have done the trick.

Of course, I do not know any of the steps you took to get the review removed.

I can guarantee that does not work. They wouldn’t remove a review from my page until I gave them money.


Directly for the removal or their classic “advertise with us” wink, finger on the nose-mafia style move?

Also,Michael, how did the letter help to have Yelp remove the review? Seems directed to the review writer?

It worked for me.

I appealed to Yelp by changing the letter a little.

I wonder what can be done when agents unwarrantedly slander your name to colleagues and home buyers throughout your community where you live, work, play, shop, and worship? I wonder if/how this would work when you’re dealing with masses and/or an entire corner of a state? When there’s no written or documented proof?


I would have used the bad review to my benefit.
Explaining why you call out the issues.

Bam! Mic drop.

Actually this is not accurate I’m sorry to say. It would be idea but all Yelp wants is for you to pay a monthly. (My local Chinese restaurant pays $600 a month and my accountant says she does taxes for 2 clients that pay out the same to not have reviews visible.

I wrote a well deserved bad review for a printing company that really dropped the ball in every stage of my order and then they sent me biz cards wrong.

The owner was so angry he went online to leave me a horrible review for a business I hadn’t had for 3 years but my name is attached to my business name so he left lies on both Yelp as well as BBB. I supplied yelp with documentation that the company no longer existed, that my bruises was international and I had never had a US clients. This person in Chicago had never been a client and that the little info Yelp put up of my business was incorrect.
Their legal department responded after much back and fourth with “we are not in the business of verifying facts”
We suggest you claim the page and respond directly”


We should worry more about getting Yelp closed down then a personal review of our own.

This documentary is a must see for anyone in business, here is the trailer:

Billion Dollar Bully - trailer