Thank you IBS! You've now probably ruined my business!

Well, this is just peachy. The other day I was going to edit my website and I wrote on here that I couldn’t access it to edit it right?

Well, it reset the webpage and put all those crap false quotes BACK onto the site, which I had edited off of there. So now some jerk writes to me pretending to want an inspection and asking for numbers of all the people that supposedly gave quotes on my site. So I wrote back to him and told him that it had put the filler quotes back on and thanks for the heads up.

This is the letter I received. Remember, Dennis hasn’t taken my webpage down, just made it so I cannot edit anything:

You want me to believe you now? or is it deception again?? I’m looking into this later. You DON’T put false quotes on your website to take up space or to use as a “filler” as you call it. Its obvious deception and a huge mistake. What were you thinking? I’ll just make up quotes that make my business look good and to FOOL clients into thinking I’m qualified, experienced. That I have clients and REALTORS falling over me at least until I actually get real ones?? I’ll keep the lies posted until someone calls me on it, and I’ll tell them they are “FILLERS”? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? You belong to a national association of home inspectors? What credibility does this give them now that I’m still looking for a real inspector?? I’ll tell you what, it tells me to stay away from anyone that is part of that organization, I’m passing them up because its obvious what you guys practice. Deception, Lies, False Advertising, and Non Ethical practices. Thanks for wasting my time with your “FILLERS” Go ahead and keep them up, you may get lucking and fool an unsuspecting home buyer.
I just did a search on the nachi org. You should re read the standards of practice again. I’m pursuing this further with nachi, the BBB and Realtor Association since you like to include there registered trademark in your false advertising. You can bet on that. Right now I don’t have the time to deal with it. Good Day
P.S. I’ve copied your pages. You may delete them now.

So thank you Dennis and CREW. You may have just put me out of business AND got me in trouble with the law.

Sheesh!:roll: :shock: :frowning:


I learned long ago to invest in yourself. I may not have the prettiest site in the land, but it works for me, is reliable, and is cheap to host. Its never been down, and I have never NOT been able to access or modify it.

The HIT Interactive Media site is hosted by the same firm. I built the sites myself and it was truly easy.

Check one of them out at

They are hosted by OneDNR. Nice folks. They gave me all the tools.

The NACHIADRS site is hosted and built by Susan Ganey. Very professional and a pleasure to work with.

I wouldn’t worry too much about this if I were you. That’s just a blowhard sounding off. I doubt you’ll ever hear from him again. Just don’t pick at that scab. Now, I would draft a very clear letter to IBS and send it certified mail or whatever appropriate method and tell them to take your site down immediately. Don’t rely on e-mails or phone calls to do this. You will want something official in the future to show that you acted promptly and decisively to take that site down once you were made aware of a discrepancy in how you wanted the wording to be. Just be prepared to carefully, calmly, succinctly explain to anyone that the website was a prototype and the web service provider erred in posting it to the outside world while it was still being edited. You’re not out of business or in trouble with the law.

Dennis who and what is fillers


A good lawyer will tell you – good luck - but no case – not enough people going to the web site


Stores always print their ads wrong and then write a re-traction.


Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Those line tell me it’s probably one of our “friends” who like to come on here and pontificate.

That being said however, I’d pull that site down and fix it if it was mine. Hopefully you didn’t turn your domain over to IBS.

Ever used them Richard?


Something we should know??


No. But they sound bad.

Well I agree it probably is someone like that. But they can still cause trouble.

I wish I could pull it down. When you sign up THEY assign the domain and control it and everything. That’s why I can’t do anything. The editing feature is gone. :frowning:


post a quick link to your site


I had taken it out of my signature line because I didn’t want anyone going there.

That’s not even my business phone number or anything, and it’s my old address because I can’t change any of it.

I don’t know why they had to put those stupid false quotes onto the prototype anyway. :frowning:


Who made the website you or them?

Regardless I would just $hit-can it if the guy is being a Jacka$$, it was free anyway wasn’t it?

Dump them sweetheart

I will. I guess I have to start over from the ground up. :frowning:


You can get your own domain name for 6 bucks a year and hosting for 3 bucks a month.

They also offer a web site builder.