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Post: Realtor missing
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Unfortunately, members aren’t moderated by moderators…as silly as that sounds.

And, you can try filing with the Ethics Committee but…

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The most aggressive and offensive members are the ones always reporting offensive posts.
Go figure.

Thanks Larry,

I don’t expect any action, but I can show you some action if I plaster the “True” Meeker all over the internet. I’d be gone in a sec.

Go figure…

Are you trying to make a point?

I can be aggressive and offensive to you all day long, but I only use the “Facts” to support my position.

Do you wish to challenge any of these “facts”?

I think Meeker is a class act, who does nothing but show professionalism and integrity

Oops that ^^^^^ got posted before I could find an extreme sarcasm emoticon

:mrgreen: … LOL

The king has no cloths, but please don’t tell him. He does not know it.