InterNACHI fighting for members in Texas: Letter to TREC:

Texas has got a lot of great things going for it BUT the fact that the commissioned house sales people RUN another profession is ludicrous.

The Texas licensing law has been a shining example for over 15 years of what the home inspectors in other states did NOT want AND has been a “Hill to Die On” in several states when the REA’s tried to push licensing on HI’s using the Texas inspector licensing as a role model.

Thanks for your advocacy on our behalf!

You’re Welcome.

Has there been any valid word of an official position by the IAC and TREC regarding the topics in this meeting?

Another inspector group I belonged to had crap hitting them from REA’a about 10 yrs ago, so they went to the media … Real Estate reporters at several newspapers; localized TV investigative reporters; National TV Investigative shows like 48 Hours, 60 Minutes, etc … This GOT a lot of heat put on certain other professions.

I’ve never seen the Texas Inspectors make a concentrated effort like that. The only thing many of us see is them showing up at TREC meetings.

WTF ???