IC classes for Texas license and other questions

I’m reading the TREC list of approved courses for the Professional Inspector. I notice that some of the NACHI courses are approved as IC. So I wonder if you can combine some of those with classes taken with Champions for example, to save a few bucks. Or is it just simpler to do the whole Champion package deal? Some “constructive” input would be appreciated. Thanks.
Also, the TREC site says that you can provide 2 reference letters from persons who have personal knowledge of applicants five year related work experience. It says “other than applicant”. Can my Wife write one of them?

I see there is also a Texas State University program administered by hometraining.com. Has anybody had any experience with this program? All of your certificates will have Texas State university on them.That’s got to be worth something.

In the eyes of TREC, what is “experience in a field directly related to home inspection”?